FallDown Box

Box Art

The LAN party smash-hit comes to the Xbox. Featuring local 8 player support, this frantic, fun-filled platformer has you escaping down a deep shaft whilst deadly saw-blades whirl ever closer to you. With over 20 characters to unlock, 4 difficulty modes and unlimited levels to play, Falldown is guaranteed to keep you and 7 friends entertained for hours - or we'll find you some new friends!

Full list of charactersEdit

  1. Builder
  2. Burglar
  3. Cat Burglar
  4. Chef
  5. ER Doctor
  6. Executioner
  7. Geek
  8. Green Alien
  9. Hippie
  10. Medieval Knight
  11. Monkey
  12. Motorcycle Cop
  13. PirateBoy
  14. Punk
  15. Robin Hood
  16. RobinHood
  17. Robot
  18. Robot_Silver
  19. SkullyTom
  20. Soldier
  21. State Trooper
  22. Stormtrooper
  23. Trekkie
  24. Trooper

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